Monitor the presence of fixed assets and send alerts if removed

A hospital’s primary function is to care for its patients. Yet like any other work environment there are a lot of ancillary functions, fixtures and fittings which are not directly involved in this primary function but are still necessary to provide the service or make the patient’s stay more comfortable. It is easy to concentrate on the clinical equipment and forget the everyday items you would find in any workplace. Large areas of a hospital will be open to the public – waiting rooms, common rooms, cafes and even shops provided for the patients, their visitors and staff and all of them full of hospital property. Some of these are high traffic areas and difficult to secure.

For Example

Computers, printers and various other IT assets used by staff for non-clinical work.
Televisions & Monitors used for interactive signage and entertainment in waiting rooms and common areas etc.
Chairs and other small furniture items.
Paintings, sculpture and other works of art and decoration making the hospital a more pleasant place to spend time.

Most of the above equipment can easily be removed from the premises without the knowledge or consent of any staff member.

RFIDMedical is a complete solution for hospitals and healthcare facilities that tracks and monitors fixed assets that are RFID-tagged within a fixed-reader environment or with the use of RFID enabled handheld scanners.  Information for all tracked items is stored centrally within on an RFIDMedical server ensuring that all data, for all RFID-tagged items, can be shared both internally and externally with the relevant personnel.


Once fixed assets are RFID-tagged and known to the RFIDMedical system, they are automatically monitored within the fixed reader environment without the need for data to be manually entered into a system.  Transactions that users forgot to enter into the system become a thing of the past.  If unexpected or unauthorised movements occur, the system will issue alerts within a defined timeframe to the appropriate personnel via e-mail or text message to highlight the movement.

RFID antennae at the exit points of the hospital can be used to send an alert message to security staff should any of the assets enter the vicinity of the doors. It is also possible to have the RFID software communicate with access control systems and automatically lock doors, if required.

The benefits

In utilising the existing RFID infrastructure that is already in place and used to manage patients/clinical assets/etc., the hospital has the added benefit of putting a monitoring and theft-prevention system in place and seeing another return on investment with no additional hardware cost.

  It also provides stock management facilities and allows for the tracking of inventory of fixed assets by location. In addition, fixed assets can be assigned to or associated with staff within a healthcare environment so that items associated with staff can be tracked and can move freely within the facility.


The RFIDMedical solution not only monitors the movement of RFID tags/labels throughout the hospital, it can also be used to ensure that any item that should not be moved does not move.

RFIDMedical provides hospitals with traceability and visibility of fixed assets and all RFID-tagged items.  Using industry standards, RFIDMedical provides data that can be shared internally within the hospital, data that can be interfaced to other hospital systems and data that can be shared externally with selected suppliers and business partners.  Standing on the foundation of such industry standards allows hospitals to avoid customization of any kind with suppliers.

All RFIDMedical solutions are GS1 / EPC accredited and comply with the GS1 EPC Tag Data Standard.


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