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ASD and VisionID partner to provide full RFID solution to the healthcare market

  •     9th Jan, 17

ASD and VisionID today announced the availability of a full RFID solution that provides both the hardware and the software required to introduce RFID capability into the hospital environment.

The direct connection between ASD’s RFIDMedical tracking software and VisionID’s RFID hardware equipment allows hospitals to quickly and efficiently install an RFID solution that can be used to track patients, clinical samples, assets, etc. throughout the hospital environment.

Patient waiting times reached an all-time high in January, 2017 and managing patient flow is an ever-present problem. Also, as per a 2012 McKinsey report, “25% of clinical staff’s time is spent looking for things”. RFIDMedical  can help to alleviate these issues by tagging, tracking, and tracing items within the hospital environment. This allows patient bottlenecks to be identified and addressed as well as managing the clinical and physical assets in the hospital.

Having successfully implemented our solution in St. James’ Hospital and Galway Clinic, ASD and VisionID will look to introduce the benefits of RFID to other hospitals throughout Ireland.

For more information and to organise a demonstration please contact us using the links below or call +353 1 206 0011.

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