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RFIDMedical article in RFID Journal

  •     15th Mar, 17

St. James' Hospital in Dublin has recently implemented ASD’s RFIDMedical solution to track precious samples taken from surgical patients for laboratory testing. The system also monitors the locations of the staff members who transport those samples, as well as valuable art donated to the hospital.

The installation is the first phase of a facility-wide, permanent deployment of RFID throughout its campus to identify where samples, assets, patients and personnel are located and to improve patient care and efficiency based on that data. An article outlining this project has been published in RFID Journal and it can be accessed below:
Irish Hospital Tracks Precious Samples

RFIDMedical tracks and monitors the movement of patients, clinical samples and all of the hospital’s assets. Information for all tracked items is stored centrally on a secure server ensuring all data can be shared both internally and externally with the relevant personnel. RFIDMedical also automates the replenishment of critical nursing supplies.

The handheld solutions within RFIDMedical now support iOS, Android & Windows and are available on numerous devices including handheld computers, smartphones, phablets, tablets and tough pads.

For more information and to organise a demonstration, please contact us using the links below or call +353 1 206 0011.

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