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Automated RFID Stock Replenishment for Children’s Health Ireland at Crumlin

  •     10th Jun, 19

ASD congratulate Children’s Health Ireland at Crumlin on implementing RFIDMedical in their Emergency Department to automate the replenishment of critical Medical & Surgical stock.

RFIDMedical allows Children’s Health Ireland at Crumlin to eliminate stock re-ordering by clinical teams allowing them to spend the additional time on patient care.

It also provides the Materials Management team with an efficient process to manage the optimum levels of inventory within the Emergency Department, shortening the re-ordering cycle and eliminating last minute stock emergencies. It has reduced the stock holding and overall working capital tied-up in stock within the Emergency Department.

Stock items are held in an RFID enabled bin system which are automatically monitored by RFIDMedical using RFID fixed readers. When stock levels in a bin drop and need to be restocked, a notification is automatically sent to the materials management team with all the information relating to the products that need to be restocked. A replenishment report is generated automatically daily, weekly or on specific days (configurable) and sent to the materials management team or direct to the supplier.

The monitoring of inventory levels now becomes an automated process which can be managed remotely by the materials management team without further input by the clinical staff. This solution provides complete traceability of RFID-tagged bins and allows for data captured within RFIDMedical to be shared with other systems implemented within the hospital.

About RFIDMedical

RFIDMedical is a complete solution for hospitals and healthcare facilities that tracks and monitors the movement of patients, clinical samples, stock items and all of the hospital’s assets. Information for all tracked items is stored centrally on a secure server ensuring all data can be shared both internally and externally with the relevant personnel.

The handheld solutions within RFIDMedical now support iOS, Android & Windows and are available on numerous devices including handheld computers, smartphones, phablets, tablets and tough pads.

For more information and to organise a demonstration please Dave Browne or Steve Breen at 01 206 0011 or at the email address below.

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